Please Keep Safe on our Site and Observe the following Requirements.

Maximum speed limit on site is 20 kph, excluding in front of office/amenities, workshop/fuel area where maximum speed limit is walking speed.

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  • On entry to site road trucks will call up on UHF Channel 36 to notify of entry.
  • All drivers must hold a current driver’s licence. All drivers and passengers must wear seatbelts.
  • Children are not allowed to leave cabin of vehicles.
  • All visitors and contractors shall reverse park in car park and report to site office, if unattended call mobile number on door and wait at office.
  • Visitors and contractors shall not proceed into quarry area until authorised to do so. Pedestrians must stay within pedestrian zone at all times (in front of site office) unless authorised to go elsewhere.
  • Road Trucks shall proceed to Hold Point prior to sales area and call up sales loader. Road Trucks shall not proceed into sales area until authorised to do so by the Sales Loader operator.
  • Road Truck drivers and passengers shall stay in truck whilst being loaded unless instructed otherwise by the Sales Loader operator.
  • Obey all site signage; do not enter haul roads and no entry areas or restricted areas such as blast zones.
  • Always seek authority from mobile equipment operators before moving into their area of work and never enter an operator’s blind spot.
  • Please report any damaged dislodged, illegible or damaged signage or recommendations for additional signage to the site manager.
  • Never travel on the outside of any moving vehicle or in a bucket.
  • Never work or pass under a suspended object (crane, bucket etc.)
  • You must report any incident you are involved in or witness inclusive of Near Miss incidents to the Quarry Manager or Sales Loader operator.

JH Cuthbertson Quarries PTY Ltd

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