75mm Mixed Rock (Cow track mix)

Used for Dairy farm and livestock lane ways, as the soft rock saves the cattle from going lame.

Product can also be used for stock yards, as a driveway base or even as a base for sheds or farm structures.

100mm Raw Rock

A combination of 100, 75, 40mm crushed rock, used for heavy vehicle access, big potholes and soft ground.

Often used for Tanker driveways on Dairy farms.


20/40 Mixed Rock

20mm and 40mm mixed blend used for driveway base on new cut driveway or heavy stand areas of traffic flow (trucks, tractors).

40mm Minus

Used for new driveway base and soft areas, can be used for drainage.

20mm Minus

Blend of 20mm and dust, used for driveway of light vehicles, footpaths and bedding for concrete.

20mm, 14/10mm, 7/10mm, 7/5mm Screenings

Used for drainage, bedding for pipes and or a decorative material for paths or driveways.

20mm B Grade

Crushed rock of different colour for decorative look for pathways and driveways

20mm Class 3

Used for road base, driveways

Structure fill (Type A Fill)

Used for construction of roads, building sites where compaction grade is needed.

Also great for building up low spot areas for new shed sites and construction zones.

Fines/Stone Dust


Used for backfilling of pipes, base under concrete, sub-base under horse arena

Garden Rocks

For garden feature, also used for retaining walls or on a sloping batter for decorative gardening

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